WARNING: May or may not contain VERY graphic descriptions of food/drink/methods. In NO WAY am I responsible if you get turned on, drool on your electrical device and electrocute yourself.

It’s about time that I actually write a food blog. I might as well cover places that I go for drinks because at times, though I don’t encourage, is to drink too much and that I forget to eat! I’m getting to that age where sprinting for a tram after having 2 pints of cider and no food is not as fun as it used to be!

I’m VERY VERY thankful for the establishments that allow me to take photographs of their produce and rather annoyed that others ban the practice.

I can understand if people are taking shitty and unflattering pictures but if the establishment can’t be arsed on food presentation, then I’m NOT taking a picture. I take pictures because I enjoy doing so and it doesn’t take away my personal encounter because food is such a visual as well as olfactory experience. Ok, ok there will always be exceptions where the “Butterface” of food (hey curry and stew, I’m looking at you!) will totally floor me and it will have to be one of those  “OMG…you had to be there…” experiences.

That will only be my beef (not sorry about the pun) because being vicious and negative about food experiences will only give you a heart and tummy ache.

*unless I get food poisoning (touch wood) but don’t confuse my critical honesty with negativity. It could save you a few pennies?

Comments and suggestions are welcomed but remember…it’s ALL about the food! I’m happy to do linkys with you too, all you have to do is ask.

But please, No spam crap (unless its about the spiced ham), cheap deals links, wankery bla bla bla or posting negative douchebag comments. Though I accept your opinion, I will not tolerate any negativity about food/drink here. Go some where else if you want to bitch about things.

Everyone eats and so we should share, SHARE, share on where the good stuff is at…jah?

These are my photos which I snapped, so if you get an urge to PINCH them, I’ll get an urge to PUNCH you. Stealing and claiming them as your own will result in an ex-chef going ballistic and karma will rain down upon thee with a vengence. Ask permission because a ‘please and thankyou’ can do wonders.

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